Patient Leader

After being diagnosed with the most deadly psychiatric condition (Anorexia Nervosa) at the age of 15, Millie went against all odds to become the inspiring young woman she is today. Born and raised in a little South Yorkshire town in England, Millie personifies the "she may be but little, but she is fierce" quote by Shakespeare. Since creating her Instagram account to go in-depth about her mental health struggles, Millie has amassed over 11.5K followers, as well as finding love through her account too. Millie explains the ins-and-outs of having anorexia, whilst also going into the nitty-gritty areas which are too "taboo" in society, such as the physical effects of eating disorders, the hardships that arise from weight restoration and the suicidal ideation; but, Millie manages to twist this into a positive, encouraging her followers to fight against the cruelty of eating disorders, revealing what her life is like with the illness (mostly) not in her life anymore. Millie is also an advocate for teenage body positivity and aims to show her age range and beyond that, it is okay to have rolls, cellulite, scars and stretch marks despite what we are led to believe by billboards and social media feeds. Her work spreads beyond an Instagram page, however- Millie owns her own business named A Band Of Hope which ships mental health-themed items worldwide, so people have a constant reminder of their self-worth on a daily basis. Although young, Millie has taken her illness and twisted it into something incredibly motivational, and her strive to help others get through the same issues remains at the forefront of her mission and what she cares about the most.


Doncaster, ENG


Best Kept Secret


Best in Show: Instagram

Cinamillie is such an inspiration to the recovery Instagram community. She is a light to my recovery and has such a big heart and passion for success. I love her account and it has generally made a difference to me both in my professional and personal life.  — Charlotte Kate

She deserves to have this award as she puts her clear feeling and struggles online, encouraging others to speak out about their struggles within their health. She deserves to be “well known”  — Bethany


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