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I am so glad you are here and I am honored to be nominated as an Infertility Patient Leader in three categories!!! (Instagram, YouTube, and Best Kept Secret). My husband and I have been going through infertility for almost 5 years and we have shared it on social media for over 2 years. We have done multiple fertility treatments (meds & ti, IUI, and IVF). We have also experienced the heartbreak of child loss twice. Our biggest goal is to help others feel less alone, educate in the best way we can, while also sharing that you can still find joy in the journey. We are sooo grateful to have a platform and to be a voice for others. Thank you for endorsing us! :)


Kansas City, MO


Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Youtube


Best in Show: Instagram

She is a great person, going throught same stuff so she is verry helpful with her positivity, great enery and also experiences.  — Sarah

Carissa is a true inspiration who keeps us women hopeful about infertility. She also is so humble and overall a wonderful human being! She deserve this and more!!!  — Selina

She is always very honest about her life on instagram, always very transparent making a positive impact on people’s life. She is one of the strongest women I know.  — Claudia

Carissa, deserves this award, due to her perseverance on this journey to motherhood. She has been candid all along the way. She doesn't promote things just for the $. She is as real/organic as it gets as an influencer. Where others give in due to challenges, Carissa and Brian pick themselves up, and continue inspiring others. NZ votes her ❤.  — Tina

I love how open and honest Carissa is about her journey. My parents did IVF for many years and my husband and I almost went that route as well. I think it’s amazing how Carissa is a voice for others to find comfort in, no matter her situation she always finds the light at the end of the tunnel! Honestly the realest person I follow on Instagram.  — Celeste

Infertility is a difficult thing. She doesn’t hide much. She allows others to go along her journey in hopes of possibly helping other couples. Her positive attitude, even in adversity brings her channel a raw and real life feeling. She is amazing!!!  — S

I love her , she is real and I love watching her videos  — Nariman


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