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Natasha Tracy is an author, speaker and consultant who lives with bipolar disorder. She is considered a subject matter expert in depression and bipolar disorder and has written the acclaimed book: "Lost Marbles: Insights into My Life with Depression and Bipolar." She has written over 1000 articles on bipolar disorder and writes the blog "Bipolar Burble" at and "Breaking Bipolar" at Natasha won the #ErasingtheStigma Leadership Award from Didi Hirsch in 2014 and consistently is placed on top 10 lists for health blogs as well as for health influencers. Natasha has been published in the "Primary Care Companion CNS Disorders" journal as well as on the Huffington Post, DailyMail (UK), PsychCentral, Sharecare, Healthline and elsewhere. Natasha believes that quality, trustworthy, evidence-based information is critical for successful treatment decision-making and better outcomes.


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They make a great impact in educating people about the daily struggles that those with mental illness and bipolar deal with every day.  — April

Natasha's writing about bipolar disorder is honest, straight-forward, and well-informed. She does research, cites reputable sources, and draws logical conclusions. Natasha's frank portrayal of her life with bipolar disorder is moving and inspiring. It's so helpful to have someone posting their honest thoughts about living with a mental illness!  — Jen

Natasha is one of the hardest working writers I know. We are both contributors to HuffPost and have worked together. On Bipolar Burble, she candidly shares her own story. But what sets her apart is how she also shares scientific information and research. She bravely tells hard truths, always putting principle above popularity.

Natasha keeps herself up to date with the latest information on her subject. She brings her readers information she supports as well as that she does not. She writes to those who suffer with bipolar illness, as well as those who do not. She writes with strength and also empathy for those who are in pain from mental illness.  — Diana

I really admire Tracy. She is bold and honest about bipolar. As a recently diagnosed bipolar patient myself, I have found solace, helpful information, and no "B.S." on her site. She is kind to blog readers, always positive and reassuring. She is a valuable asset to the mental health community.  — Kate

Natasha Tracy

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