Jeniece Stewart

Patient Leader

Jeniece Stewart is a passionate Special Needs Advocate, Consultant and Speaker who provides resources and tools to assist special needs families and the community. She is the Founder of Special Needs Siblings, Inc. a unique non-profit with a global mission committed to raising awareness, resources, and support for the siblings of disabled individuals. The proud mother of five beautiful children, one of whom has special needs, Jeniece believes by raising awareness, we will enhance the lives of people with special needs now and in the future. Her mission is to serve as a voice for the specials needs community and ensure special needs families never go at it alone and always feel supported.


Lilburn, GA


Advocating for Another


Best Kept Secret

Jeniece Stewart is a passion advocate devoted to her cause. She is an Amazing mom and woman as well as an asset to her community. The work she has done so far has impacted so many Families around the world. I look forward to watching all the amazing things she has planned for the future. She is true Advocate.  — Sabrina

Jeniece Stewart

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