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Our Mission is To set people free through movement. We believe the human body was wonderfully made and that it was never intended to be weak, fragile, or broken. We were meant to be resilient throughout our entire lives: healthy, strong, mobile, and powerful.


Best Kept Secret Health Activist Hero Rookie of the Year

Tim Anderson isn't really new to the health and fitness community but his new company, Original Strength, is just starting to explode on the scene and is changing lives of people all over the world. His creative and inspiring take on life, movement, and his restoration system which can improve anyone's quality of life is worth the accolade. Keep an eye on Tim and Original Strength as they will soon be known by any looking to simply and effectively change their lives and learn to move again. Tim says, "You were made to move" and he couldn't be more right.  — Danielle

He's bringing back something almost all of us have lost - the key to healthy, easy, pain-free movement that we were born with and that modern conveniences have snatched from us. Getting them back is as simple as can be and it only requires that you get up and make an effort to do it. Best yet, he and his Original Strength co-founder Geoff Neupert light the path for us with their experience and expertise.  — Aleks

Tim has spent years following his passion of helping anyone and everyone find their "Original Strength." His research, efforts, and dedication have positively affected the lives of many, from former and current athletes to weekend warriors to disabled and even those of us looking for the fountain of youth. Countless stories of better mobility, lessened pain and improved functioning are a result of his efforts.  — Debbie

Because Tim rocks!  — Jason


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