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When Alex Hey (pronounced "hi") was a child, he was fond of playing his family's N64. Unfortunately, he was not as good at it as he would have liked. There were many occasions where defeat seemed imminent. Rather than accept defeat, Alex preferred to hit the reset button and start the whole game over. This is the strategy he brings to managing his own ADHD. Rather than admit defeat, he prefers to hit the reset button and start fresh with new strategies. Alex was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 20. This diagnosis explained two decades of underachievement and feeling misunderstood. In the wake of his diagnosis, he began a casual study of ADHD which, over the years, turned into a passion for learning about ADHD and finding all strategies that might help manage the symptoms of this frustrating condition. From July of 2017 until May of 2018, Alex dove into heavy research and writing which resulted in Catholicism and ADHD: Finding Holiness Despite Distraction, a book (currently seeking publication) that helps Catholics with ADHD manage their symptoms and grow closer to God in the process. While working on this book, he had the opportunity to support one of his friends who was being tested for ADHD. Writing the book and supporting his friend helped him discover a passion for helping those with ADHD. This led him to pursue a career as an ADHD coach. Alex is the best ADHD coach in the state of South Dakota. He offers in-person coaching for those in the Sioux Falls area or via Skype for those unable to travel to Sioux Falls for coaching.


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Reset ADHD

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