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My husband and I began trying to grow our family when we got married two years ago. Being the impatient woman I am, after 6 months of BFNs (big fat negative tests), I had to be proactive. After very basic and preliminary testing we found ourselves with a challenging infertility diagnosis and in a Reproductive Endocrinologist’s office with IVF as our only option to start a family. Marital bliss was slapped in the face with infertility reality. After our first round of IVF we were able to make 4 viable embryos to transfer. Our first attempt and our second ended in miscarriage. The miscarriage was what finally shook me to my core. My heart was broken, I was lonely and confused. I had no where to turn. So I did what anyone in this day and age would do... turned to the internet! I started Fab Fertility to find community and cope. That quickly turned into a passion to help educate and encourage others so they never felt how I did. I’m still in the middle of my journey but I feel a sense of purpose from it all and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to advocate for others trying to make their dreams of a family come true.


Austin, TX


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I found out from my doctor the Wednesday before Memorial Day that my husband and I would only have a chance at conceiving if we did IVF. Blair has been my go to person for emotional, long distance, relatable support and a voice of reason. During this excoriating process you are beyond lonely and voice of Blair brightens and hugs your day.  — Maggie

Blair has gotten an amazing following sharing her personal experience with infertility and is helping so many others by advocating and educating!  — Katie

Blair’s Instagram posts help me in my infertility journey. She is open about her struggles which allows me to feel a sense of normalcy going through such a difficult time. I am also gaining more knowledge about the IVF process.  — Sara

Fab Fertility with Blair Nelson

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