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I am a breast cancer survivor and founder of www.breastcancerfreebies.com, a website that helps breast cancer patients and survivors find all the wonderful freebies out there to help them on their healing journeys. When I was first diagnosed, I received a free wig from the American Cancer Society, free hats, chemo care kits and more. As a journalist, I began to research and write about breast cancer. Soon I had amassed a whole collection of organizations that offer freebies to those diagnosed with breast cancer and I decided to compile them all in one place to help others fighting the disease. Now I have hundreds of freebies on my site including wigs, prosthetics, retreats, magazines, apps, exercise classes, and so much more. I am humbled by the wonderful response I have received about the website and how it is helping women all over the country. I hope to keep adding freebies to my site and keep helping breast cancer survivors financially and with education and inspiration.

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