Patient Leader

Hello! My name is Hannah Giffin and I have been Type 1 Diabetic for 11 years. I was diagnosed at 11 years old which is the same age my dad was when he was diagnosed! I used to hate my disease and never really wanted to talk about it, but in 2017 I was hospitalized with Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) because I stopped giving myself insulin because I was so mad at my diabetes, When the nurse sat me down and told me I would've been dead by morning if I hadn't come in, it hit me like a brick wall. I had to change, So, once I was released I decided to use my Instagram as an outlet to post more about my diabetes to learn to love it and share my struggles. I viewed it as my little diary of pictures of my diabetes. I now have a platform that I never expected but that I adore greatly, I love meeting others with Type 1 and talking to people who struggle with the same day to day battles and knowing we are not alone. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for this nomination. It means the world to me!


Simi Valley, CA


Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Best in Show: Instagram Best Kept Secret

I’ve known Hannah for since she was in elementary school. She always has been an advocate for T1 diabetes’s. She is eloquent and passionate about educating people about this disease. She chooses to stay optimistic and is brave in a way that is not normally seen in someone her age. Her best kept secret nomination is perfect.  — Julie


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