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Nora's book Primal Body Primal Mind has made a huge difference in my physical and mental health. Her book is full of great references and is very compelling to anyone looking for a way to implement dietary changes for better long term health. Nora also daily contributes on her forum with answering questions about her book and the primal diet, sharing interviews, articles, and other pertinent information. It is always very reassuring when an author and practitioner is so accessible to her public.  — Maria

Since attending Nora's talk, my health has improved out of sight. Nora puts everything into an easy to understand terms. All of the symptoms that I had could be explained completely by what I was eating. Once I understood what my diet was doing to my body/mind, it was much easier to avoid the foods that cause the issues for myself.  — Kristy

She is a tireless advocate of a healthy diet that often flies in the face of "conventional wisdom", and the whole grain cabal. She supplies fact and research-based evidence to support her recommendations. Her suggestions benefit only the people following them, and not any particular industry or product producer (e.g. Big Ag)  — Carolyn

Nora is an author and speaker who has not only penned a groundbreaking penultimate tome, "Primal Body Primal Mind", that has changed and even sometimes saved the lives of so many, but who also travels the world generously sharing her knowledge, and all the while tirelessly imparting her knowledge and compassion to individuals. Nora is an intuitive scientific genius with a heart of gold.  — Judith

Nora is the author of Primal Body, Primal Mind, and blogs on the website with the same name. She's a savvy nutritionist and a neurofeedback specialist in private practice in Portland, Oregon. She's a tireless supporter of human health, making herself available by email and on facebook to answer questions. She travels and lectures. She has changed my life and many others for the better. FB: Twitter: and Amazon:

Nora is passionate about what she does. She's ethical and sincerely gives a damn about educating & warning the public about the dangers in carbohydrates, sugar and primarily gluten. She's help change peoples lives on so many different levels and is well respected in the Paleo community as being the top in her field. Her book Primal Body Primal MInd is a top selling book on Amazon and has gained the respect & friendship of Louise Hay. She deserves this award for her tremendous work in bringing awareness in how important it is to be Paleo.  — Sandra


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