Ken Taylor

Patient Leader

Ken Taylor is a caregiver for his wife who lives with multiple chronic pain conditions. Ken is a chronic pain educator, patient advocate, and vice-president of the International Pain Foundation. He is also a motivational speaker and best-selling author on pain topics, graphic designer, and reality personality. Ken received the 2017 iPain Hero of Hope for Pain Patient Awareness and 2017 Health Information Technology Top 100 Influencer. In 2018 & 2019, Ken was named to the top 50 advocates for the chronic pain community.


San Tan Valley, AZ

Ken Taylor deserves to be recognized for his hard-work ethic and never ending dedication to supporting his wife, Barby Ingle as well as co-running the International Pain Foundation. He never fails to advocate for the chronic pain community whether locally in his home state of Arizona, nationally and around the globe.  — Amanda

Ken is an incredible advocate. Whether he is taking care and supporting his wife, Barby or dedicating his time to the International Pain Foundation. He is warm, kind and a true advocacy hero. He is constantly working to advocate for his wife and those who struggle with chronic pain. Ken's life is an endlessly pursuit for better pain treatment.  — Amanda

Ken is the Caregiver of HOPE. He not only advocates for me (His wife) he helped create the International Pain Foundation back in 2006 and currently serving as the VP. He has taken care of me since 2003 attending doctor visits, spending time advocating for my care during hospital visits. He is so inspiring to other patients, caregivers and advocates!

Ken is very fast witted and such a great caregiver. He uses his humor to help me through my worst times. He is also great at getting attention of people through humor and then teaching them something about living with chronic health conditions. He is great at telling a story and bringing people along with him through the antics of 'reality' life.  — Barby

Ken Taylor is a speaker at conferences, consulting with healthcare companies, and using his education to help make change in the healthcare. He is helping to bridge the gap between industry stakeholders and healthcare consumers. Ken is passionate about healthcare and bring his skills and expertise to help with a range of industry challenges.  — Barby

As patient he understands healthcare from the patient perspective, as a caregiver he is shows his skills and ability to help companies advance their most critical patient-facing initiatives. He makes an impact on the healthcare landscape as a whole. As Vice Pres of International Pain Foundation he is a true star who has done it all.  — Barby

Ken Taylor has been involved in advocacy for 11 years. He possesses a special inspiration as a caregiver & nonprofit volunteer giving more than 1000 hours a year. He works tirelessly to raise awareness and have an up-close-&-personal perspective that is invaluable. He cares for someone in-person & support others in the online health community!  — Barby

iPain Partners make a difference all over the world uniting together for various awareness & educational events such as #NERVEmber #MusicMovesAwareness & more than 150+ chronic pain diseases. We have an awesome community supporting one another in our lives with amazing projects which connect #TeamIPain. Ken is a very active Twitter advocate!  — Barby

I couldn't NOT nominate Ken for this award. Without a doubt Ken is the one I'll turn to to laugh when I'm having a rough day. He always has a way of making one laugh at a certain situation or to see the positive. His stories approach serious subjects with a sense of humor that keep you laughing.  — Ross

Ken Taylor

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