Becca Ferry

Patient Leader

Becca Ferry is 22 years old. Despite being young, she has gone through so much in such a short time in her life. Between extensive mental illnesses, trauma, bullying, self harm, abuse, and sexual assault - she has turned her pain and scars into strength. On days she's not in full work mode, you can find her at home in bed reading a good book or snuggling with her cats. She has 3 cats, whom one is registered as her ESA. She is married to her high school sweetheart and first love and they live in the beautiful state of Colorado. She is a full time nanny and full time activist and advocate. Her empathy skills are top notch and you can catch her smiling at strangers hoping to give them a small pick me up. She is a trained crisis counselor and is passionate towards bringing awareness to mental health and recovery. Her dreams and passions are to share her story globally to help others recognize they are NOT alone in their struggles. She aspires to be the voice for the voiceless.


Westminster, CO


Advocating for Another Best in Show: Community Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret

Becca is one of the most lovely, caring, compassionate and wonderful woman at was out on this Earth. She is dedicating her life to work for the greater good... the saving of many lives. I wish for the world to see Moreno of her endeavors and life changing work she puts out each and every day.  — Kayla

Becca fights tirelessly for those with mental health. She advocates and teaches others what mental health really looks like. She creates her own resources to help those who need it. She is constantly bettering herself and sharing her insight with others. Becca is such a leader and such an inspiration. 💜  — Lauren

Becca is a dedicated and passionate advocate for mental heath across all of her platforms. She informs, uplifts, and inspires her community with information and resources regarding mental health treatment, comforting quotes and images, and anxiety activity booklets for those that struggle with coping with the condition. She is the best!  — Dalya

Becca Ferry

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