Alex Flynn

Patient Leader

I’m a married father of three boys and was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease on 12 June 2008. As a consequence of my diagnosis, I have thrown myself into raising funds for and awareness of Parkinson's and research into disease. To this end, I have undertaken some of the more interesting and dangerous races in the world under the banner of a campaign called 10MillionMetres; a life changing challenge that will have taken me over 6,200 miles in four years to complete and at the same time raising (at the time of writing) almost £67,000 for Parkinson’s charities. Examples include, among others; · traversing 1,457 miles in 30 days from London to Rome via Brussels and Paris (notwithstanding a stress fracture to my right tibia). I also met the Pope. · crossing from Santa Monica to New York (3,256 miles) in 35 days using four different disciplines and becoming the first person to do so. See the BBC coverage at: · running 150 miles of the Bavarian Alps in 52 hours · completing the Marathon des Sables; · so far this year I have run 220 km across the Amazon basin, 90km over the Dolomites and 215km of the Colorado Rockies and also competed in the Otter Trail Run in South Africa. The distance covered equates to almost 6000km of racing since September 2012 and all while fighting Parkinson’s disease. I have had global media coverage over the last two years, which currently stands at around about 115 million households worldwide to which I have taken the message that diagnosis does not prevent people from challenging themselves, making a difference and ultimately there is hope. More information can be found at my website: I am 96% complete and due to finish my 10MillionMetres challenge at the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon, 2014 My first book is due for release in Spring 2014 and I have recently produced a documentary on “Living with Parkinson’s” for television. THE PACIFIC ROW In June 2014 myself my co-rower Darren Taylor (A firefighter from Oxfordshire, UK, who was previously sailed from Sydney, Australia to London, UK) intend to Row the Pacific Ocean between Monterey Bay and Honolulu Hawaii. This is the inaugural Great Pacific Row Race and will take us over 2700 miles across an unforgiving ocean. See:


Best in Show: Facebook Health Activist Hero

Without any hesitation, I nominate Alex Flynn for this award. Alex has dedicated his heart, sweat, tears, & soul to raising funds and awareness for Parkinson's Disease (PD). His accomplishments are endless and include the TransAmerican Challenge, Marathon de Sables, Europe 135, Dubai Marathon, & numerous more (check out his site and be prepared to be amazed)! In addition, he is writing a book, filming a documentary, and planning to Row the Pacific; all to raise awareness and funding for PD. But it does not end here, Alex accomplishes all of this while still being a dedicated Dad, husband, & friend. He inspires not only people with PD, but also others with debilitating and frightening conditions. When you check out his site, he will inspire you too!  — Ruth

This man uses each day to remind us all never to give up even when life has dealt a difficult hand. He is setting a sterling example as a father, a legal professional and as an advocate for raising awareness and funds for Parkinson's. When many would give up and make the best of their lot in life, Alex set up the 10 million metres challenge and now this is drawing to a close he's still pushing himself and others to continue the mission to help everyone with PD and those working hard to find ways to combat its impact.

Alex Flynn

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