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I was a member of the Joffrey Concert Group in NYC when I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in June 2014. I was only 23 years old and had no risk factors for breast cancer other than being female. Results from a subsequent genetics screening showed that I did not carry the genes linked to breast cancer. I had a large, aggressive tumor that grew very quickly and spread to my bones and lymph nodes. I moved back home to be with my family and began treatment at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland. I started Bald Ballerina to keep my friends and family updated with my treatments and how I was doing. It quickly turned into a platform for me to educate and advocate for my friends and for young adults who weren’t aware Metastatic Breast Cancer can be diagnosed at any age.


Ellicott City, MD


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Maggie is a beautiful person and a wonderful dancer.  — Joan

Maggie is an inspiring young woman!! Her tenacity and courage are a model to anyone suffering from a serious illness. She’s got a positive outlook and motivates others to be positive as well.  — Danielle

Maggie is incredibly inspiring and deserves to be nominated. She is always in my thoughts and prayers ❤️🙏  — Marisa

My daughter was 9 when she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Just like Maggie Riley loves to dance. Riley was introduced to Maggie and she has been inspiring Riley even since. Even including her in her benefit concert and making small donations to her medical bills. Maggie even named Riley BaldBallerinaJr  — Dawn

Such a fierce, goal oriented proponent in advocating for breast cancer patients. Determined and succeeding in living each day to the fullest and sharing her success, with others with the same prognosis. Kudos for her brutal honesty, fears and joys. Hoping she knows how much she is helping others!  — Sharon

Maggie is a beautiful person and dancer! She doesn't let Cancer bother her and makes the most out of every day. Maggie passes on her knowledge of dance to the younger generation. Maggie is strong, inspirational and a role model to so many people.  — Joan

Bald Ballerina
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