Kelsey Bucci

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I am a Stage IIB Breast Cancer Survivor, diagnosed at 30 years old. With no family history or genetic markers, I was left wondering how? I am a mother to four amazing children who were my health heroes throughout treatment. I decided to share my story on my podcast called But You Don't Look Sick because I wanted a very raw, and real way to connect with people. This has also led to a podcast series that I host on the BC Healthine app, diving deeper into topics related to breast cancer. From my diagnosis I started a clean beauty and lifestyle store called Paris Laundry, I wanted a place where women can feel confident in the beauty products they are putting on their bodies, especially during cancer treatments. I am a small business owner, whose mission is to create more conversations about breast cancer, and give back to organizations who support research, and the patient!


Savannah, GA


Hilarious Patient Leader Best in Show: Podcast Best Kept Secret

Kelsey's inspires and educated patients that are going through cancer treatment.  — James

Kelsey's story and guests inspire and educate cancer patients and their family members.  — Christopher

Kelsey Bucci
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