Patient Leader

I am a BCBA and Autism Sibling who has spent the past 10 years working in the autism field. Two years ago, I moved back to Upstate NY to help my family care for my brother, Robert, who is autistic. Robert has some severe skill deficits and behavioral excesses that prevent him from living an independent life. I am using my knowledge in the field of ABA and my experience as an autism professional to help him gain necessary life skills in order to live a fulfilling, successful, and happy life. Glimpses of my brother's journey as an autistic adult can be seen on our Instagram page. Sharing our lives on social media has allowed me to connect with so many amazing individuals in the autism community and has afforded me an outlet to advocate on behalf of individuals who are unable to advocate for themselves.


Utica, NY


Hilarious Patient Leader Rookie of the Year


Advocating for Another

She advocates for her non-verbal brother. She doesn’t sugar coat the truth and she also outlines the beauty and joy one can find in individuals like her brother and other individuals with autism. She is doing a great job!  — Fatima


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