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I drew the short straw in the family gene pool- but I ain't mad about it. I was born w/ a heart defect & had 4 open-heart surgeries by age 6. In '08 I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus (and overlapping autoimmune diseases), cervical cancer in '10, infertility, and in '14 a lump was found in my left breast & I had a double mastectomy. Every part of my body has a corresponding awareness ribbon. Instead of hiding under the covers, I started my blog, Luck Fupus. I discovered I was reaching others & raising awareness. These days I travel the country sharing my crazy story to advocate for those who can't, using sarcasm & humor to help and inspire, striving to make a difference in healthcare!


Marlton, NJ


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Hilarious Health Activist


Hilarious Health Activist

In 32 years, MJ has had 4 heart surgeries (3 open-heart) for a congenital heart defect, and at 26 was diagnosed with systemic lupus, later diagnosed with cervical cancer, Behçet's disease, ITP, and an array of other autoimmune diseases. Complications from lupus have forced her to leave her career as a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse. Some would throw in the towel, but MJ's candor, positivity and humor is enough to turn anyone's from upside down. She's been dealt tough cards, and she handles it with grace, gusto, and humor. I never cease to be inspired, and she raises awareness for a multitude of diseases, while still allowing any reader to smile and laugh hysterically. I think she missed her calling as a stand-up comic.  — MJ

Marla ALWAYS has a smile on her face, no matter what is thrown her way. We can all learn a lot from her.  — Steve

She always has a reason to smile. Cancer, lupus, heart disease- MJ finds the light in all of it, and manages to make everyone around her joke and laugh. It's infectious. As a nurse, she was the one doing silly dances & telling dumb jokes to make her patients happy. Her humor is what makes everyone love her.  — Megan

MJ is my hero!  — Erin

MarlaJan- Luck Fupus

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