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Just a girl seeking wildflowers. What does that mean? Wildflowers In Her Hair, my name on social media, is inspired by the pursuit of moments of joy in an otherwise challenging trek. Instead of being blinded by the blows of life, I fight to hold onto the little doses of happiness, like putting wildflowers in my hair. When my illnesses first knocked my dreams out of reach, I thought I'd lost my opportunity to inspire others. Suddenly, though, my words were comforting others in a different way. Not from the stage with spotlights and orchestrations in the background, but through something as seemingly simple as social media. Dancing and singing are no longer my tools to tell a story, instead photos of hospitals and my pink wheelchair depict how unplanned life can be- but nevertheless beautiful. Nearly three years away from my once healthier life, and my list of diagnoses is longer than my list of theatre credits. Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome are the demons who have stolen most from me- but also the teachers I've learned most from. My daily life includes feeding tubes, central lines, medications, mobility aids, falling, seizures, anaphylaxis, joint dislocations, neuropathy, and pain. But in contrast, my days are overwhelmingly blessed by my faith in the King of Kings, my unbelievably supportive family, friends who never let me give up, my undying dreams, music that never fails to lift me up, and special little wildflowers in my hair.


Maple Grove, MN


Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret

Faith is the strongest person I know. Although she goes through a lot, she never gets down on herself or her condition. She focuses on the bright side and I think that’s so inspiring for everyone.  — Cathryn

Faith is so sweet. Even with all that she battles herself she isn't afraid to take a minute to pray for others. Faith advocates and steps up for the whole chronic illness community I feel like. I look up to her and she inspires me alot.  — Katie

Faith Anne -

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