Rachelle and Justin

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Temecula, CA


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Rachelle is a stong advocate not only on infertility loss of her own and the growth of her child, but also has a wonderful caring soul who takes care of all that is around. She is a youth group leader, worked for a preschool before her IVF journey, will always be a military wife and has offered support through it all to all her viewers and more.  — Shian

Rachelle is an amazing person who I found through YouTube. Her openness and education about IVF on her vlog channel has been so inspirational. I myself am not a mom yet, but watching Rachelle shows me I can have the strength to go through anything motherhood may throw at me. She’s incredibly sweet and strong.  — Emily

They are the most inspirational young couple I’ve ever came across. They have been through so much and have yet to give up. They take each challenge and always come out on top. The way they encourage people, and let people know that they aren’t alone is an incredible thing. They take one day at a time, and make the best of every situation.  — Joey

Rachelle and Justin

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