Asa Maass

Patient Leader

I’m a dad, husband, video creator, and autism advocate. I started my YouTube channel FatheringAutism almost 3 years ago. My intention was to spread awareness and acceptance while making the world a softer place to land for my nonverbal autistic daughter Abbie. Looking around the internet I found so many amazing mothers advocating for their children but not many dads sharing their story. I decided to make it a point to break the stigma that parenting responsibilities in a special needs family falls mainly on the mom. It didn’t take long to realize the videos we made as a family really helped others. Our daily vlogs have influenced college students to change their major to the health and wellness field, helped parents like us to realize they aren’t alone, given hope and spread positivity for parents with a newly diagnosed child, helped autistic individuals to connect with others like them, and create an internet family of people from all walks of life. Our family is called The MaassSquad and it is awesome!


Jacksonville, FL


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Great information about aba and autism  — Megan

Asa and the entire Maas family is incredible in not only spreading awareness, but shows real life with an autism child. I have learned so very much that I didn't know. Pricilla is an amazing mother, Asa is an amazing father and Isaiah is THE best brother! Their vlogs make me smile on any given day, love the whole family! They totally deserve this!  — Tasha

He helps others become aware of the spectrum of autism. Their vlogs makes you feel as if youre on the emotional rollercoaster of life w/ them. Love how their family relationship is portrayed. They dont sugar coat anything; they tell it like it is; in ways that is easy to understand. Life doesnt have to stop just cause your child has a disability  — Johni

Asa's vlogs have given me a huge insight into autism and made coming to terms with my son's diagnosis a little easier. As a parent of someone with Autism I want to create more awareness and with it acceptance and feel Asa is doing such a good job of this that I often direct people to his you tube channel, all the Maas family are inspirational x  — Amy

I have been watching Asa and his family for about a year and am SO impressed with the patience he displays daily with his daughter Abbie!! He shares the daily struggles of living with an autistic child without fear! I am i awe of this wonderful, caring, loving father, son and husband!  — Lynne

Asa Maass

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