Ariel Noriega

Patient Leader

Hi my name is Ariel. I’m 28 years old and I live with a chronic illness. When dealing with severe asthma, my doctors correlated GERD as a factor in my asthma. With that I had a LINX surgery to stop the acid from going into my lungs. But as most chronic Illness warriors know, when you are trying to fix one problem you develop another. Which leads to how I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. In 2012 I was diagnosed with gastroparesis after several attempts to control my symptoms with no progress, surgery was my only option. I am now the proud owner of a port-a-Cath, gastric stimulator, and GJ feeding tube. Accepting your body when all you see is scars and tubs has been one of my challenges. But now I have learned to love them and show me just how strong I really am! With all these health issues I have no control of, I try to focus on the positive and making the most out of this life I have. I hope my story can inspire people to continue to do what they love and not let your chronic illness consume you. So I will finish with this, whenever you have the opportunity to help someone else, take it! Because when you help others you really end up helping yourself!


Folsom, CA


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Ariel Noriega

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