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Charity Munson is the founder of Healthy Living Coach™ Online Weight loss Coaching. She is a Masters prepared Nurse Practitioner and and a Nasm Certified Personal Trainer; passionate about the prevention and management of Obesity. She has more than 10yrs of experience caring for clients struggling with  Obesity and other chronic health conditions. Her graduate degree, and later her training in Obesity Management were obtained at Columbia University, NY, USA. She is certified in health coaching and group fitness instruction through the American Counsel on Exercise. She is experienced in motivating others to make sustainable changes in behavior. When you're ready to make realistic lifestyle goals of healthy meals and regular exercise, she is the coach you want on your team. For daily motivational healthy living tips, visit the Facebook page.


Bklyn, NY


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She is a star and master in her own right. Am in the Bahamas and she took on my husband and I as clients, while both of us were morbidly obese and worked with us to get us to our desired weights. For her, a healthy way of life is inclusive of diet, exercise and medication, holistically; mind, body and soul! She deserves this honour!

Charity’s Facebook post are helpful, motivational and always seems to be inline with me!  — Jamie

Healthy Living Coach™ - Charity Munson

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