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In 2014, as a mere fourteen year old, I created an instagram page to follow along some stories of kids fighting cancer, who I had found on my personal page. I knew very little about pediatric cancer but Our Amazing Fighters was born. Through following along these kid's journeys, I began to learn the devastating reality that children fighting cancer face everyday. There is such a lack of research being done for children and people often miss the real truth. Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death by disease, killing 7 kids today in the United States. It is an epidemic that is talked about very little. In the past 30+ years, only 3 drugs have been developed for kids, while hundreds have been developed for singular adult cancers. Children are being given adult drugs in pint sized form and it is not fair. I decided I wanted to do something more tangible for these kids so I began sending and delivering care packages all across the US to kids fighting. I have had the absolute privilege of meeting these families and seeing the heartache first hand. I have heard the cries, seen the pain and lack of treatment options and it has only made me more passionate about the cause. These kids have become friends to me, some even family. While the care packages have been an amazing addition to Our Amazing Fighters' mission, advocacy remains so incredibly vital as well. I have been blessed with opportunities to go to DC where I have spoken with members of congress and their congressional staff about Our Amazing Fighters and the lack of legislation being passed for pediatric cancer patients. We as a community, have been able to pass the RACE for Children's Act, STAR Act, and hopefully soon, the reauthorization of the Creating Hope Act. I am beyond honored to have been just one voice among so many other AMAZING advocates. I wholeheartedly believe I am the luckiest human alive, that I get to do this everyday. I love these kiddos so so much. They are without a doubt my heroes!


Glen Allen, VA


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My daughter had childhood cancer, so I know the benefits of the great work she is doing. My daughter also went to JMU but never talked about what she went through until her senior year.  — Dahlia

LeAnna Headley

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