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Dr. Faustman is doing amazing research into a cure for Type 1 diabetes. While the cure may be too late for my mother, my sister-in-law and I to take advantage of, when (not if) it comes, it will change the lives of so many children and young people around the world.  — Nancy

She will find a cure to Type 1 diabetes :)

Dr Faustman is a pioneer in reversing T1 Diabetes in humans. While all other pharmaceutical companies are content with treating the disease, Dr Faustman wont stop until it is cured....  — David

Her relentless search for a cure for T1 Diabetes isn't getting the attention it deserves and needs to progress to Phase 2 in clinical research- with the hope of reversing T1 diabetes permanently with a generic (meaning very low cost) and already approved vaccine (for other indications)...  — Michelle

She discovered about 11 years ago or more that the vaccine against TB also cures diabetes type 1 in mice as well as possibly other autoinmune disorders. She has been trying to raise funds to complete her studies, but even organizations who supossedly look for a cure do not support her because no one will make money out of curing diabetes type 1 with an old and very cheap vaccination. Yet she continues resarching and tyring to raise funds to advance to phase III of the research. She is the best realistic hope for diabees type 1 cure.  — Rita

Dr. Denise Faustman

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