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Hi my name is Veronica. I’m 26 and I have an ileostomy. Living with a ostomy isn’t easy, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Without my ostomy, or Todd as I call him, I wouldn’t be here. In 2017 after my fourth bowel obstruction my surgeon nicked my bowel twice, which caused me to develop an abscess. Because of the abscess I became septic, which caused my large intestine to become necrotic, leading them to removing 40% of my colon and forming the ileostomy. Waking up to an ileostomy was one of the worse days of my life. I felt so hopeless because there’s so much negativity surrounding the ostomy world. It wasn’t until later after making my Instagram and putting myself out there, sharing my story, that I realized the day my ostomy came into my life, was the best day of my life. Because it not only saved my life but it gave me my life back. It also gave me a voice to help others. Even though I have hard days, I wouldn’t trade Todd for anything. Yes I have other complications, but my ostomy has given me so much and I’m forever grateful. Along with my ostomy, I also suffer from migraines, chronic abdominal pain, intestinal malrotation, neurofibromatosis, pancreatitis, and post traumatic stress disorder. Despite having all these illness and disorders some of them being invisible, I refuse to let it stop me! I will fight everyday to live my life to the fullest. Because all you can do is, stay positive, reach out to others, and keep fighting. I want to show people and the world that having an ostomy and or any chronic illnesses, isn’t a horrible thing. We are so much more than our illness and we can do anything. Last but not least I’m currently not employed due to the fact that I have had surgery every year since 2015. My hospital stays range from 2 weeks up to 43 days. My surgeon and primary care physician have not released me to go back to school or work. It’s been a struggle however, I know when the time is right I will succeed and accomplish all my goals.


Saginaw, MI


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Veronica is a very brave and courageous young women. Despite her her own personal struggles (she is willing to set aside) she wants to reach out to others who have experienced the same illness and struggles. To inform and educate those of us who otherwise would have no knowledge of her condition. It's a very brave and self less thing to do.  — Liz

I nominate Veronica from vees.ileostomy because of her compassion and honesty to others including newbie ostomates (like me) and many others. She has great leadership skills for showing fellow ostomates how challenging life can be with an ostomy. Her page makes ostomy life feel so normal. I am very honored to nominate my friend for a job well done  — Abby

Veronica is making an impact and encouraging young people around the world that life can go on with an Ostomy!! Strong young person!!  — Jennifer


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