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I lived with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for 22 years knowing from the day of diagnosis that this dis-ease was to teach me much about myself. And that I would heal it and all other health challenges I encountered. In an MS episode about 15 years ago, I lost form, feeling and function on the right side of my body and needed to teach myself how to write with my left hand. Using Julia Cameron's Morning Pages approach of producing 3 stream-of-conscious handwritten pages each day, I discovered the psychological as well as physical therapeutic benefits of journaling. I knew I had to share my discoveries with the world. For 8 years now, through my company, CreateWriteNow, I have been showing, encouraging, and counseling adults in how to create and manage a daily pen to page Journaling for the Health of It (TM) practice to become their own Primary Care Provider, heal their dis-eases and achieve Perfect Health. Health benefits? Indeed. I have not purchased prescription drugs in over 10 years, over-the-counter drugs in over 5 years. In doing my taxes for last year, I realized that I have no traditional medical deductions to claim! My mission is to introduce Journaling for the Health of It (TM) to the world so everyone can start working their way to wellness today. WriteON!


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Mari has an amazing personal story of health and success, having overcome obstacles instead of playing victim... and Mari does an incredible job spreading awareness and inspiration to others for taking their health into their own hands.  — Nathan

Mari has an inspiring personal story, having faced and overcome huge obstacles. She does an amazing job at inspiring and challenging others to take their health into their own hands.  — Nathan


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