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My name is Jade Sancho-Duser and I am the Chief Operations Officer for RxMaryJade, a holistic cannabis education and wellness company. As a Licensed Massage Therapist who regularly utilizes Trigger Point and Neuromuscular Therapy, I study the body. I study the pain. I listen and pay attention because most of us ignore our bodies. I study both eastern and western theories to help formulate care plans to both prevent and decrease symptomatic discomfort of various pathologies. In 2017, I received my New Jersey Medical Marijuana card and my life changed for the better. Now I live my life as a fibromyalgia fighter and not a victim. If you aren't aware, Fibromyalgia is a condition that displays as musculoskeletal pain accompanied by extreme fatigue, mood, and cognitive issues. I would endure long periods of solitude because it seemed the pain was never ending. The fatigue would not allow me to walk nor hold even a glass of water. Now I enjoy regular hikes and even decided to use my collective knowledge to help others. From this a great idea came to fruition: RXMaryJade. The name RXMaryJade was born from the love of both of my Grandmothers, both named "Mary". Each Mary taught me valuable life lessons. On my mothers side I was taught how through random acts of kindness and mindfulness one person can better the lives of many. From my father's mother, I saw the value in opening your home to people from all walks of life and making sure they never go hungry and without a place to rest their head. With these two strong female influences, I knew I was bound on the path of the caregiver. However not only do I help others heal in my travels, I teach them the valuable skills that they can use to heal themselves. I like to think of myself as a Cannabis Science Shaman.


Woodbridge, NJ


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