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I'm Alex Whitaker and I have breast cancer - words I never thought I would say but have gotten way too comfortable with sharing since being diagnosed a year and a half ago at age 24. I found my lump when I was getting ready for a night out with friends. I was smoothing on a sticky bra when BOOM, there it was. I was honestly more focused on my night out and didn't think much of it in the moment but the next morning, over breakfast, I asked my friend who is a doctor to feel it for me. We both agreed it was probably nothing but, being paranoid, I decided to go get it checked out. I had just moved back to Florida from NYC and didn't yet have a doctor, so I went to a gynecologist near my home. My concerns were dismissed after only chatting with the doctor for a few short minutes. I pressed and pressed for further testing and she finally relented, referring me to get an ultrasound. Long story short, I am forever thankful to the little voice in my head that pushed for answers. My ultrasound turned into a mammogram which turned into a biopsy which turned into a diagnosis of stage I triple positive breast cancer. The past year and half has been a whirlwind of doctor's appointments, chemotherapy, hospital stays, hormone therapy treatments, surgeries for a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction but I made it through. I've been through so much because of this diagnosis that it feels strange to say I am almost thankful for it. One quote that kept me going and I like to share with my fellow warriors is this: God didn't promise days without pain nor sun without rain but he did promise strength for the day and light for the way. Through my advocacy, I strive to help shine the light for others to find their strength and make their way through the darkness.


Kansas City, MO


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Whitty's Titty Committee

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