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My name is Krista Deveau. I’m 27 years old! I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at the age of 9. I was severely malnourished and was fed by a tube in my nose for 4 years as a child. I’ve exceeded all medication and participated in different studies to help my symptoms. In 2008, I was a senior in high school and had to get my first bowel resection. I graduated high school and continued into post secondary education. 4 years later I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree and decided to continue my post secondary education and got into a Bachelors of Education degree for another 2 years. Ive never used my Crohn’s disease as an excuse to hold be back but it’s always been something to motivate me to do my very best! The last year of my education degree, my Crohn’s disease started progressing. I had a partial obstruction but convinced my doctors and surgeon to hold off until I walked across the stage. 1 month later, I had bowel resection #2. Recovery was hard. I was sick with an infection and pneumonia. I could tell that this surgery wasn’t going to be my last. I could tell something wasn’t right. I just didn’t feel well. Months went by and my bowel movements were becoming more and more frequent.. 20-25 times a day. I had accepted my first teaching job in kindergarten and I was feeling so defeated. Fast forward, after multiple hospitalizations and years of suffering with incontinence I finally convinced my doctors to go forward with an ostomy surgery. They weren’t convinced it would help my symptoms (incontinence, malnourishment, fatigue, nausea..etc) Now I’m over a year living with my ostomy and it has been the best decision I have ever made for my health.


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Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret Rookie of the Year

Always uplifting and shows leadership, confidence and strength when it comes to her IBD. I met krista through social media after struggling with my own colitis and she has shown me how to overcome bad days.  — Shala

Krista is a very energetic and vibrant girl who has taken this ostomy in her stride. She doesn’t let anything stand in her way to enjoying life. Always positive.  — Marie

Krista is an amazing young teacher who has suffered with Crohns disease for many years. Despite her many challenges, she always tries her best and maintains a positive attitude!  — Janice

I’ve followed her story for a few years. I am a fellow high school graduate of Krista’s and I have always looked up to her, and I didn’t even know she was suffering with crohns! She is an inspiration and an excellent candidate for this award!  — Janelle

Krista Deveau @my.gut.instinct

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