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Hi there! I'm Kelsey Ohs, mother of 2. I believe that having a child with a disability has been the greatest privilege I've ever been entrusted with. I dedicate time in my busy schedule to share with the world that although life with a disabled child is hard work, it's not all that bad - in fact, it's the greatest journey of my life.


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She is an amazing person and supports her children's growth and doesn't make Maddison do something she doesn't want to. She creates new stimulation and fun for her children that help their development as children.  — Katie

Kelsey has been an inspiration and a great encourager on my journey of motherhood with a son who has a g-tube. She is positive and has great ideas (day of rest, etc).  — Lyndsie

Raising children is hard work on the best of days. All children require a lot of love and care to grow and develop. Unfortunately for some children developmental milestones or reflexes don’t come naturally. This can be caused by a genetic reason, a disease, or the result of an injury. Kelsey has taken on this challenge and is sharing with others  — John

She is sharing her story and her daughters story. Children like her daughter are struggling and pushing through their barriers to break through them every day. It is nice to relate to another family.  — maegan

Kelsey Ohs

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