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I sat in the exam room at my primary care doctor’s office, waiting, my almost 3 month old asleep in the car seat beside me. I was here to follow up with her regarding my diagnosis of postpartum depression. I had been diagnosed six weeks earlier. When she came in, she greeted me warmly and cooed over baby who, in the course of waiting, had woken up, nursed, and had a diaper change. Then she sat down and asked me, with such compassion: “So, how are you doing?” Tears rolled down my cheeks as I gave my report on the last six weeks, and then the six weeks before that. I joked around in my usual semi-sarcastic, self-deprecating way and I laughingly told her about how I’d been saying in recent days that I felt compelled to start a blog or something. I had awoken to this call to starting talking about what it is to be a woman, a professional, a wife, a mother- to hold all these things in tension; about how we manage to get through the day, how we are finding the solutions, and what those solutions are. I had felt that there must be some answer to these challenges, even the small daily challenges, some ancient wisdom that had been lost to the advent of the working woman, the working mother, and the shift in how our society, our culture is (not) equipped to support the new mom, or the new family for that matter. And then I quipped, “But, surely, the last thing the world needs is another mom blog.” “I don’t know”, she said. “Sometimes I think there aren’t enough!” I mulled over this seemingly pretentious idea that I, who am not a teacher or picture-perfect Instagram mom or a labor and delivery nurse, was worthy to write a blog about this. But this compulsion to do something nagged at me: to start a conversation, to get out my story in the hopes that it could help one mom, or dad, or grandparent, or sister, or friend, or heck: me. - excerpt from my blog, This Postpartum Life


Sacramento, CA


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She has been an amazing social media ambassador for the American Heart Association in Sacramento. She has posted about heart health risks associated with postpartum women. She has been instrumental in helping us create a culture of health in Sacramento.  — Liam

Rachel has started a blog and podcast to support women who have struggled with postpartum anxiety and depression. She has not only brought visibility to the issue, but also rallied women to share their experiences and support policy changes as she pursues them.  — Lauren

Rachel Teixeira | This Postpartum Life

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