Sadaya Paige

Patient Leader


san francisco, CA


Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Instagram Best Kept Secret Rookie of the Year

She is a wonderful girl, she is so funny and I adore her so much, even through tuff times she still keeps a smile on her face.  — Nakia

I would like to nominate her because ever since I came across her Instagram page she has been nothing but a bright positive ray of sunshine. She is always positive a beautiful angel with a very big heart & is perfect in so many ways.  — Tyrell

She’s everything that a beautiful soul should be & no matter why she always has a big smile on her face.  — Tyrell

My instagram is 803kid.pain and I always watch her videos and she make me feel better when I’m done. Her videos in instagram are always letting up keep in touch with her daily life and things she likes and reminds us to stay happy 😁  — Jayden

Because sadaya is so inspirational so motivating and encouraging although she’s visually impaired she doesn’t let that stop her She keeps a smile on her face she’s opened my eyes and I’ve learned so much from her she’s so beautiful and humble and i look forward to seeing her videos and pictures when I’m down I always go to her page❤️  — Alicia

Sadaya Paige
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