Melissa Parsons MD

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I am an Emergency Medicine physician. I am co-founder of SheMD - a virtual community for women in medicine and medical education. And I am INFERTILE. I have been sharing my infertility journey on social media and on stage to start the conversation about infertility, specifically physician infertility. Many do not know, but female physicians have infertility rates that are DOUBLE the national average. One in FOUR female physicians will struggle with infertility. I founded SheMD as a platform to spread this information to women in medical education - medical school and residency - so that they could be aware of their risks and make an informed decision. I am currently conducting research on fertility and child-birthing trends in women in Emergency Medicine, with hopes of expanding to a larger study across all fields in the future. Infertility has been a "secret" disease for far too long, something that was only whispered about, something to be ashamed of. Infertility is a diagnosis and a disease just like anything else. I have shared my roller coaster of a story in order to change the stigma around infertility. And I challenge people to #SayTheFWord and share their story as well. Let's make infertility something we can talk about.


Jacksonville Beach, FL


Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret Best in Show: Youtube

I am lucky to call Dr. Parsons a colleague, a mentor, and a friend. . She is a brilliant clinician, excellent educator, admirable wife and step-mother, outstanding fisherwoman, and extraordinary friend. I foresee that she will continue to serve as an advocate for Women in Medicine and Physician Infertility..  — Alexandra

Great outgoing attitude. Living her life to the fullest despite the struggles of infertility. Great inspiration for many.  — Donnie

She is an inspiration and courageously sharing her journey through infertility to give others hope.  — Kathu

Melissa Parsons MD

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