Christie Aphrodite

Patient Leader


Port Townsend, WA


Best Kept Secret

Christie does great work for humanity. She has immense experience, she was in a wheelchair and healed herself despite being homeless and targeted. They erased her work numerous times but that couldn't stop her. She puts the truth out there for free, and it will keep spreading. She gives people the tools to heal themselves. Secret no more!  — Lisa

Christie has been a holistic health coach for over a decade. Her numerous testimonials detailing cures from everything from cancer to gangrene can be found at her website. She also healed herself from everything from dog bites to strokes to a brain infection. She is only a "secret" because her work has been "hidden".  — Kevin

A woman who has used her intelligence, wisdom and passion to overcome many personal and healrh hurdles. She shares a wealth of information to assist others to overcome the challenges to healthy living and a healthy body and mind.  — Lee

Christie Aphrodite

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