Farrah Miller

Patient Leader

Farrah Miller is an integrated nutrition health expert, founder of FM Wellness, author, and a Female Empowerment Coach. An activist in the making, she wants to be the wave that can make a difference in the gender equality. To support that ambition she provides free mentoring to divorce and traumatised women who are going through an emotionally challenging time. "I discovered my love for nutrition and fitness, and I transformed my lifestyle. Instead of feeling hateful of my body and emotions, I’m now grateful for the opportunities of each new day. Instead of counting calories, and feeling negative, I enjoy encountering new nourishing experiences." "I am passionate about empowering people to give up dieting, throw out the scales, and find balance with their foods and emotional well being. I’ve launched my Guide to share tips for loving our ourselves, family, and friends. It has simple, realistic, and sustainable lifestyle tips that have helped me and can help so many others." Farrah Miller


Washington, DC


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Farrah Miller

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