Dominique Viel, founder of InvisiYouth Charity AND Host of InvisiYouth Chat Sessions VIDEO PODCAST series

Patient Leader

Hello! My name is Dominique Viel and I am the founder and Executive Director of InvisiYouth Charity, and the host of our video podcast series, InvisiYouth Chat Sessions! InvisiYouth Charity is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that helps teens and young adults around the world with various chronic illnesses and disabilities gain the right lifestyle tools, programs, empowerment and fun events to learn how to keep living life with health struggles. With InvisiYouth, older youth and their support systems can become empowered older youth in all the non-medical aspects of their lives with any illness, visible or invisible. I also host INVISIYOUTH CHAT SESSIONS: A VIDEO PODCAST SERIES!! Our unique podcast brings empowerment, lifestyle hacks, funny games, witty life stories and some badass advice into the lives of young adults living with all types of chronic illnesses and disabilities! Our guests from around the world are experts in their fields--from nonprofit workers, directors, actresses, ESPN correspondent and Paralympic gold medalists, to social media influencers, bloggers, business owners, film directors and disability activists. On InvisiYouth Chat Sessions, we play games, tackle chat segments, provide lifestyle management tools and advice and motivate the masses. It's a biweekly show unlike any other podcast because it's a chat show with unique guests and not a standard interview. AND...we talk about all chronic illnesses/disabilities and family, friend, and dating relationship stories, so it's a podcast unlike others. Plus, it's a video podcast so you can LISTEN on all our podcast platforms, OR WATCH on our YouTube channel as I host in our New York City studio! My life leading up to InvisiYouth's launch four years ago was what inspired me to build InvisiYouth. It came after my own experiences as an injured teen competitive tennis player that resulted in my diagnosis of a neurovascular condition and subsequent connective tissue disorder. It is this personal passion that allowed me to use my years of experience as a patient advocate and guest speaker in children's hospitals like the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and schools to tailor the InvisiYouth message for audiences, from students, to businesses and other organizations' events, to medical schools. Creating InvisiYouth was because I used to be one of these teens living with chronic illnesses and trying to navigate my life and my health life at the same time. There is no guidebook on how to balance both and I wanted to create something that I wished I had as a resource when I was in my early years of being a teen with chronic illnesses. With InvisiYouth Charity, the goal is that no young adult with illness or disability has to "wait for a cure" or "wait till they're healthy" in order to live their life. We focus on the non medical side of life...which oftentimes gets overlooked. But it is of equal value because there are so many young people like myself that are living each day with a chronic illness/disability and they need the knowledge, community, programs and events in order to find adaptations and ways to succeed happily in the lives we are given. Older youth are given tools, platforms and events to become empowered, inspired and fulfilled to be well-rounded and hardworking young adults. Let's thrive in our daily lives, adapt to achieve our goals, be kind to our health, and just be the rebel game-changers that I know each and every person in the chronic illness/community can be! With InvisiYouth, we are INVINCIBLE, never INVISIBLE!


Ringoes, NJ


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Podcast

Dominique is a true trailblazer. She created a 501(c)3 nonprofit after dealing with a chronic illness that put a stop to her professional tennis career. Dominique took something that was devastating and turned it into something beautiful to help those in the community. She not only gets it but empathizes with everyone she comes in contact with. Her platform InvisiYouth Charity brings together teens/YA adults living with invisible illness and disabilities from all over the world. They have a podcast and YouTube channel too. I have met so many people living with chronic illness through this organization and had opportunities in my area to connect with others who are dealing with various chronic illnesses and disabilities. She really has been a hero for many people and is deserving of this award!  — Effie

She is an amazing young woman. Her strength and understanding of the young people she is able to touch the lives of.. She is an inspiration to all the people around her.  — Denise

Dominique Viel, founder of InvisiYouth Charity AND Host of InvisiYouth Chat Sessions VIDEO PODCAST series

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