Tamika Quinn Stroke Hero

Patient Leader

Tamika is a Navy Veteran who survived 2 strokes at age 27 and now devotes her life to education, prevention and advocacy of heart disease and stroke especially for women, who have the highest risk of death. She's instrumental in lobbying legislators and testifying to pass policies that benefit heart and stroke patients like the Sodium Bill passed in Philadelphia in 2018. Tamika helps women change their family's eating habits and lifestyle to improve heart health. Her book, "Change Your Mind, Change Your Waistline" is a guide in her G.L.A.M. Girl™️ (Giving Life and Motivation) workshops that she conducts across the U.S. to instruct and inspire healthy change. Tamika has lost 80lbs and helped her then obese adolescent daughter lose 40lbs, but more importantly is a model for being able to completely turn your health around through making small and consistent changes. Tamika is a volunteer National Spokesperson for The American Heart Association. You can find her on many different platforms whether volunteering at community events assessing blood pressure and educating our at risk communities or bringing a change in low income communities that suffer from food deserts or on Capitol Hill representing the lives of heart and stroke survivors by giving an in depth personal experience and putting a face to stroke to ensure change happens. She is passionately active on all levels. Her story has been featured by many news organizations as well as Buzzfeed and Essence Magazine.


Chesapeake, VA


Hilarious Patient Leader Best in Show: Community Lifetime Achievement Patient Leader Hero

Joe and Danielle are hilarious and make other patients with an ostomy or IBD feel like they can look at their illness with a smile.  — Amber

She has served her community as an Urban League Young Professional of Hampton Roads. Since transitioning out of the organization, she has continued serving and informing the community. Some do this for recognition, while others such as Tamika, do this because it's their calling and her actions are very evident.  — BJ

She has done outstanding work above and beyond and is a survivor of stroke and herart disease, she's written books and is unstoppable with continuing on fighting the good fight for us all and her children. I can't think of a better person more deserving of a Lifetime Achievement Award than this Beautiful woman inside and out right here.  — Theresa

Tamika Quinn Stroke Hero

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