Cynthia Covert, The Disabled Diva

Patient Leader

I am a chronic pain warrior! I have been sharing the ups and downs of living with fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis, psoriasis, and surgical errors. I hit rock bottom in 2012. The pain from my chronic illnesses was debilitating. Unable to walk, stand, or sit for 5 minutes, I was ready to end it all. That's when I decided that something had to change. Through natural and alternative treatments, changes to what I ate, and incorporating physical activity into my daily life, I took back my life. With my blog,, and freelance writing, I encourage others to take control of their health. To speak and stand up for themselves and most importantly to never give up. Every day I wake up with one goal. That is to make someone smile, laugh, or think.


Moreno Valley, CA


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Cynthia is an amazing blogger, and instagrammer with more knowledge than most advocates. shes extremely friendly and living with multiple diagnoses.  — Jim

Cynthia Covert, The Disabled Diva

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