Britt Clark

Patient Leader

Hi! I am a chronic illness warrior that has been fighting lupus, trigeminal neuralgia, and fibromyalgia for the past few years. I am a digital marketer and graphic designer by day and a health blogger and advocate by night. My passion is to help others hold on to hope while they battle a chronic illness. I am also passionate about helping chronic illness warriors find work from home jobs to help them retain some normalcy and independence after receiving a chronic illness diagnosis. I believe in inspiring others to live life to the fullest despite their diagnosis. As a lupus warrior, I understand many of the struggles others are dealing with and hope that if I can inspire one person to continue their fight, then I will be strengthened in continuing my fight as well. I have also served as an admin for one of the largest FB groups for lupus over the last year. This FB group was founded by another lupus warrior, Venissa Pillay. Being a part of the "Lupus Warriors SLE Support Group" has given me the opportunity to help others with suffering from lupus on a more personal level. Shortly after I was diagnosed, I participated in a lupus research study conducted by 23andme and Pfizer to help further their research on genes and lupus. I believe its important for patients to participate in studies like this so that we can hopefully one day find a cause, cure, and/or better treatment options for those with lupus. As a new blogger and advocate, I am extremely honored to have been nominated for a WEGO award. Thank you for your nominations.


Kenton, OH


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Blog

Because she is a hero in so many peoples eyes! She is strong,insparational, and never gives up!  — Tiffney

Britt Clark

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