Heidi Dohse - Tour de Heart

Patient Leader


Hailey, ID


Patient Leader Hero Healthcare Collaborator: Patient

Heidi is a passionate pioneer! She has been an extremely active spokesperson/activist for heart patients and has made a significant impact in my life and the lives of many others. Heidi "Walks-the-Talk" and is an incredible and dynamic role-model who has inspired and helped to motivate many people to significantly improve their lives.  — Lewis

I've known Heidi for 10+ years, worked with her, trained with her and been inspired by her. When I Cardiac Arrested 10 years ago, we had an instant connection a bond with our devices. Heidi has been an inspiration to keep pushing on. As a result I've completed 3 sprint Triathlons, multiple half-marathons and a number of other races. Thank you!  — Brian

Heidi Dohse - Tour de Heart

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