Meridith O'Connor, MSW

Patient Leader

Writer, speaker, and community leader, Meridith O’Connor is a health and wellness advocate dedicated to informing others about the patient voice and the lived experience of patients with chronic illness. Drawing from her personal journey with a rare neuromuscular disorder as well as her educational background in psychology, healthcare ethics, and medical social work, O’Connor works diligently to encourage a healthy appreciation for the patient perspective. Whether working on an individual, communal or global level, O’Connor provides her personal and professional expertise within the healthcare industry to educate, engage with, and empower others with the intent to inspire greater awareness, productive dialogue and welcomed diversity. An innovative thinker, passionate leader, and progressive change-maker, O’Connor strives for a world that cultivates supportive spaces for the chronic illness community and recognizes the value that patients have to offer.


Saint Louis, MO


Advocating for Another Best Kept Secret

Mer is a beautiful person inside and out! Her profile is educational as well as inspirational. I love seeing her hard work and honest stories as I scroll through Instagram - it adds value to my day to see her journey!  — Madeline

Meridith relentlessly advocates for invisible disabilities. She is passionate, kind, and impactful in her advocacy.  — April

Meridith O'Connor, MSW
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