Zee Strong

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My Advocacy is empowering others to rise above the stigmas faced with living HIV+ in a public platform where Stigma doesn’t stand a chance over 100 digital Inspirational albums with participants from over 80 countries changing the Worlds view of AIDS HIV in a public statement obliterating Stigma Where we are stronger than stigma more powerful than AIDS HIV Simply put, the most soft hearted man I’ve ever met for what you’ve endured. There’s not a day goes by where I’m honestly wishing I had your courage, perseverance, and strength. ❤️ you Zee Brock Ellison You are an amazing man my friend. You took devastating news and a diagnosis that cripples a lot of people and turned it into something inspiring and helped people from all walks of life. You grabbed your bootstraps and changed your life. You found passion and love through your cycling and your family and ran with it and have changed so many lives in the process. You are a mentor a friend, an ally. You are the man. Thank you for you being you. Randy Bowling You're more than an artist, a wonderful historian I would say. Plus you have beautiful hair. Jay English Zee Strong You are an inspiration to many.. Including me.. You gave HOPE to untold MILLIONS .. Sir Edward Artis When a man loves his self and the people who love and accepts him unconditionally, he has a name: Zee Strong. Here’s to a man who makes me proud to be an advocate. I salute you Mr. End Stigma. Xoxoxoxo Alecia Michelle Tramel Zee I want to live because of you. I want to live because you inspired me a lot! I’m HIV + I was diagnosed last month You have taught us that Positive is more than a diagnosis it can also be an attitude and you have taken that to a lofty place helping so many others feel positive about their life and their future. Butch McKay Zee Strong thank you for giving us this platform to announce our solidarity. God bless you & each beautiful person here!! Joyce Owens


Wilton Manors, FL


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I had the great pleasure of meeting Zee and he is glows compassion and determination to raise awareness for his cause. You can also see it in his advocacy work. It is phenomenal and empowering. I thank him very much for the boost of inspiration and motivation and it is so nice to call him a dear friend.  — Tiffany

Zee Strong

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