Livy's Hope

Patient Leader

Livy's Hope is an organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others. Our family's motto is "Don't Give Up. Give Back." We live and breath it every day. It means when life gets hard, never give up hope. Instead, give back to others to take the focus of fyourself, and help those in need. What started as a way to share our experience with Livy and connect with others has developed into a platform to reach families around the United States and across the globe through social media and the development of programs. Our goal is to help those going through what we faced so they never feel alone. We also strive to influence decision makers and educate our community so families and those living with disabilities can have a brighter future. We try to lead by example to get involved and make a difference and inspire others to do the same.


Clearwater, FL


Patient Leader Hero

Jon and Allison not only care for Livy, they along with Hailey, Livys twin sister advocate for Livy, The Epilepsy Foundation, founded Lemonade for Livy, and fight for all people with epilepsy and disabilities. Jon has been very involved in EFA, and foundations all over the country including Oklahoma. Thank you Jon..for what you do..every day.  — Janet

Livy's Hope

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