Kristina Dulaney

Patient Leader

I’m a wife, mother to two beautiful little girls, Registered Nurse and Postpartum Psychosis Survivor. I have made it my mission to advocate for better education, resources and support for moms and families. I have shared my postpartum psychosis survival story on many platforms including podcasts, conferences, TV/radio, blogs, nursing schools, support groups and more! I was instrumental in initiating the TN chapter of Postpartum Support International as well as a local alliance to decrease stigma and increase collaboration and resources. We implemented the first perinatal mental health resource in our region, a perinatal support group. I also started a non profit dedicated to change the educational landscape surrounding maternal mental health, Cherished Mom. I do not want my little girls to experience motherhood the same way I did. Since they have an increased risk of postpartum psychosis because of my history...I want the absolute best resources and care available should they enter motherhood. Our moms and our future generation deserve better!


Telford, TN


Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero Healthcare Collaborator: Patient Rookie of the Year

Kristina is a survivor of postpartum psychosis and uses her story to raise awareness and build a platform to help others who are experiencing perinatal mental health difficulties. To help raise awareness and decrease stigma around perinatal mental health issues, Kristina founded a non-profit Cherished Moms and co-founded a branch of PSI-TN.  — Diana

Her work for patients suffering from PMADs and spreading awareness about these conditions is exceptional. Kristina is a very friendly person who herself survived post-partum psychosis. We need to keep her motivated to keep doing what she does. She deserves this award more than anyone else in my opinion.  — asdf

Kristina Dulaney is a powerhouse advocate for mothers with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. A postpartum psychosis survivor, Kristina has shared her story via multiple platforms to empower and support hundreds of moms. In 2018 she founded the nonprofitAppalachian Perinatal Mental Health Alliance and Cherished Mom. @pmhadvocate @cherishedmomorg  — Matthew

I met Kristina Dulaney, RN at a Maternal Health Conference! She shared her personal experience with Postpartum Psychosis. An honest and sincere sharing of a very difficult time in her life. Kristina's Patient Advocacy has brought awareness to a much needed area of Maternal Mental Health and Wellness during the Antenatal/Postpartum period.  — Racine

Kristina Dulaney

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