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I have become an advocate for Autism through our journey with our non-verbal ASD son. When we began our journey I remember how lost and overwhelmed I felt at the beginning. As we continued on our personal path, I was able to learn, and even educate others. I saw how I could help other families and even be their voice. As my blog has grown, I've been able to provide a listing of resources and events for ASD families in both GA and MA. Both my son and I have been able to work with venues to grow their programs or even start Sensory-Friendly hours and events. Autism rates are growing every year and no child is the same. Educating society on the acceptance, inclusion, and seeing just how Autasic our kiddos are is vital for now and the future. I don't believe advocates are born but are created from their own personal connection and we need to make that 'outside' connection with those not personally tied in.


Douglas, MA


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