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Hi friends! I’m Jenna—a girl with ulcerative colitis who wants to reach out to others on their own colitis or Crohn’s Disease journeys! With the dream to bridge the isolation that these diseases can bring, I dive into the visceral, the optimistic, and the raw that my colon has showed me along my comically imperfect journey. My mission through The Comical Colon is to share my experiences to connect with others on their IBD journeys; to provide resources, tips, and links to patients and families who don’t know where to turn; and to offer encouragement, community, and sensible chuckles.


Chattanooga, TN


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Sharing my IBD journey through The Comical Colon began as a therapeutic hobby and a way to help others feel less alone. Now, I've realized that chronic illness writing is more than a hobby—it's my calling. Please help me spread The Comical Colon name so those in need may always find encouragement, practical tips and tricks, and sensible chuckles.  — Jenna

jenna is a hardworking dedicated advocate who share knowledgeable accurate information in the ibd community i wish her much success  — myisha

She is pursuing life changing connections to those with ulcerative colitis and has begun to make great strides making those impacts. Not only has she suffered through the experiences and side effects of having ulcerative colitis and through medications for it, but inspires others to keep pushing along with her positive attitude.  — Holli

Jenna has been through so much! Instead of giving up she has decided to embrace what she has had to deal with by helping herself and others. A strong role model!  — Anna

The Comical Colon
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