Mikayla Jennifer

Patient Leader

Hi! My name is Mikayla and I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme disease in May 2013. It took me well over 5 years to get a correct diagnosis as countless doctors chose to ignore my symptoms and tell me, "it's all in your head." I was a very active girl playing ice hockey, going to events with friends, extremely family oriented, succeeded in school, and then it all quickly came to a halt. I had to stop sports, loss friends and family, my grades dropped and I was feeling so lost and hopeless. I had no idea how severe Lyme disease could be and the enormous affect it has on your ENTIRE life. I was alone despite any support I did have, you just don't get it until you literally GET IT. At that point I realized I had 2 options .. 1) I could sit depressed and give up on all my dreams allowing Lyme to rule my world .. or 2) I could learn to accept this was the life I was given and learn to LIVE despite having a chronic illness. In my eyes, you're going to still have this illness no matter your attitude, so why not make the best of it and find your new 'why.' My 'why' and my purpose has quickly evolved to being a support system, a friend, an advocate, an ear to listen to ANYONE going through ANY chronic illness. I get it and I know this is something NO ONE should ever have to go through alone. Being that person for others living with a chronic illness is what keeps me going and fighting every day. Just know, you are never alone and there is always hope. You've made it through 100% of your worst days when you didn't think you would, you can make it through this one too. XO


North Scituate, RI


Patient Leader Hero Best in Show: Instagram

She inspires the chronic illness community with her story, her realness, and her perseverance. She is an open book when it comes to treatment and has advice for everyone. She is an amazing woman.  — Lindsay

Mikayla Jennifer

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