Michelle Moore

Patient Leader

I am an advocate for Multiple Sclerosis not only because there needs to be more research for a cure or better treatment but also because I am a MS warrior. This disease affects mental health, sexual health, muscles, nerves, bowels, skin, sensation, bladder, vision, eating, breathing, and while it's not fatal: the effects of the disease can be (and so can the treatments!). I am very passionate about disseminating information and learning about the latest research and putting it into easy to understand wording for a Facebook group of close to 20,000 members. Advocacy is important because so many with Multiple Sclerosis don't know where to turn and the first year or two after diagnosis are intense, dark, and terrifying. In this day of social media absolutely nobody should be alone and depression is greater in Multiple Sclerosis patients than the neurotypical person. I am also an advocate for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The television and cinema views are not very accurate and there is no way for anyone to understand what it is like in the world of an Autistic person. We need to find a way for more compassion in this world as well as patience and tolerance in order to start understanding and seeing through the beautiful eyes of our Autistic people. There are many reasons to advocate, but these are just a few. I am so passionate about advocacy that I want to help my community when they are in need. I have decided to start a BS at American Military University studying Emergency and Disaster Management so I can advocate for those who need it most when they can't.


Virginia Beach, VA


Best Kept Secret Rookie of the Year

Michelle has been an great source of up-to-date information on Multiple Sclerosis information and is quite outspoken when it comes to those who want to just give in. She's always posting information about research, studies and independent information.  — Samuel

Michelle Moore

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