Victoria Necole

Patient Leader

The Founder of The Confessions of a Lady, COL#imperfectlyperfect a non-profit organization that speaks out against #domesticviolene and abuse concentrating and girls ages 7 and up who have be molested and rape.


Birmingham, AL


Best in Show: Facebook Advocating for Another Patient Leader Hero Best Kept Secret

Victoria should be nominated because of her patience for helping others, she works hard to make things happen, her ability to always be apart of her community making things happen drawing others to make a positive change. I admire her because of her hard work, intelligence, patience and ambition for life she's making positive moves.  — Victoria

I am nominating Victoria because she is a passionate leader tackling a difficult subject - domestic violence and sexual abuse. Victoria has been effectively raising awareness of these issues each and every day. She is bold and relentless; at the rate she’s going I wouldn’t be surprised if domestic violence completely disappeared in Birmingham.  — Whitney

Victoria Necole

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