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Taylor Marae, registered dietitian in integrative and functional medicine, owner of the instagram account @health_anxiety and creator of @anxietytoolkit / anxietytoolkit.org. After going to extreme panic disorder, health anxiety, depression and agoraphobia, Taylor found her way to recovery and made it her life goal to help others struggling with mental health issues feel less alone. During her worst anxiety days she felt so alone like no one understood, she made it her goal to never let someone else feel that way. Today, she freely speaks about her advocacy for mental health and has shaped her career around mental health. Now, gaining over 84,000 followers she is helping so many people feel less alone. Since, she has opened up Anxiety Toolkit which provides people with boxes full of anxiety fighting products to help find peace during your peak of panic.


Mckinney, TX


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She helped me realize I wasn't alone with my anxiety and that's it's very common among so many people. She helped me push through and start to see the end of a very long tunnel. She's very connected and never made feel left out.  — Morgan

I would like to nominate Taylor, because she gets people who suffer from anxiety and depression. Most people don't know how to help people with anxiety because they don't it. I follow her on Instagram and her posts help me to realize I'm not alone in this battle and her post are always encouraging.  — Stephanie

She has been a huge support for everyone suffering with anxiety.  — Erin

Taylor has gone above and beyond to create a platform where those suffering from anxiety can come and feel loved, heard, and safe. She responds to comments, emails, and texts and is always looking for new ways to help her followers. She is constantly offering discounts on her products or free information and access to resources. Thanks, Taylor!  — Haley

Taylor is a registered dietitian & she has saved my life. I felt so alone and lost in my struggles with anxiety. I was going to the emergency room multiple times a week with scary symptoms and they would always just send me home making me feel more alone. Her platform @health_anxiety has showed me and her 77,000 followers that we are not alone.  — Sarah

Last July I had a nervous breakdown, unable to function as a 31 year old female. I was about to lose everything. A few months ago, I found Taylor’s Instagram and my life took a drastic turn for the better. Her wisdom, her compassion to her followers and the fact she’s lived and survived this herself really brought a sense of calm. Shes a hero.  — Blair

This woman has literally saved the lives of many. Taylor’s skill set is endless, her passion and dedication to her followers and healing is admirable and unlike anything I’ve seen. She speaks with much wisdom and compassion everyday, helping thousands heal.  — Blair

She is truly amzing and does so much for her folowers! She recently came out with a "Anxiety Toolkit" which is a box full of things to help your anxiety, and panic. She does poll days and you can ask questions who have about your anxiety, or any other mentel health issue and she answers them, or people vote so you can feel less alone. Love her!!!!

I was struggling with anxiety when I came across her page. it has helped me accept my situation and try to find a way out. She has also been so helpful with replying to my many messages and supporting me and not letting me feel like I'm alone in my struggle  — Sneha Quotesforalloccassions


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